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Meet Our 2023 Speaker: Dr. Chris Delhom

Dr. Chris Delhom is a Research Engineer and Acting Research Leader with the Cotton Structure and Quality Research Unit of the USDA Agricultural Research Service. Dr. Delhom provides scientific leadership in cotton quality research and is the lead for cotton Big Data efforts as part of the USDA-ARS Partnerships for Data Innovations project.

With over 20 years in cotton research, Dr. Delhom has previously served as acting Research Leader of the Cotton Ginning Research Unit (2019-2020) and Sustainable Water Management Research Unit (2021-2022). His research focuses on maintaining and improving cotton’s competitiveness and sustainability in the textile industry. His research crosses multiple engineering disciplines, plant physiology, and agronomy.

Current research includes the use of precision agriculture data, crop management tools, and novel data available from new harvesting and ginning tools to manage cotton quality from the field to the gin and into the textile mill.



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