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2022 Virtual Poster Presentations

Thank you to all of our students that participated in the 2021 Virtual Poster Competition!

We appreciate all of the hard work you put into your presentations.

View our competition winners below.

Undergraduate Level

Lily Fox - 1ST PLACE

Ceriodaphnia dubia Bioassay of Four Sub-watersheds in the Middle White River, Arkansas

Trenton Barker - 2ND PLACE

Long-term Agricultural Watershed Assessment of Non-point Source Pollutants in Northeast Arkansas Agroecosystem Streams

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Master of Science (M.S) Level

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Cayce Guy - 1ST PLACE

Assessing Conservation and Environmental Trade-offs of Rice Residue Management for Waterbird Habitat Creation

Victoria Lydy - 2ND PLACE

Comparisons Between Long-Term Laboratory-Reared and Field Populations of Ceriodaphnia dubia

Raniee DeRoin - 3RD PLACE

Water Quality and Sediment Toxicity of Four Tributaries in the Middle White River Arkansas

Marguerita Leavitt

The Effect of Water Management and Ratoon Rice Cropping on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Harvest Yield in Arkansas

Thomas Dill

Quantifying the Extent of Cropland Flooded for Migaratory Birds in the Arkansas Delta

Patrick Dyer

Comparing Upstream/Downstream Water Quality in Select Buffalo River Tributaries

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Level 

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Amelia Atwell

Impacts of Agricultural Intensity on Total Nutrients and Sediment: A 3-Year Study of the Cache River Watershed, Arkansas

Leah English

Economic Considerations When Assessing Economic and Environmental Impacts of Arkansas Agriculture

Brittany Singleton 

Analysis of Turbidity Over 5 Years in Tributaries of the Bayou DeView River in Northeastern Arkansas

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